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專訪 旅外亞裔設計師 Silas Tsang日期: 2013-3-25    類別: 人物專訪

專訪 旅外亞裔設計師 Silas Tsang

國籍: 香港
僑居地: 加拿大渥太華

Why do you choose the country you live now for developing your career?

Prior to moving to Canada, I had a career in Hong Kong and trained in England, but I was curious to know what North America had to offer which is why I chose to live in Canada to develop my career.

As an Asian, whats the challenges or difficulties for starting your career at where you are?

The main challenge that I faced as an Asian starting my career in Canada was communicating with my clients. Learning to speak English was very tough, and yet I still have a Chinese accent. Being a hairstylist, you have to be very good at using your words and I, for a long time, was lacking in this aspect.

How do you establish yourself/brand or make yourself stands out in a competitive environment?

要從其他沙龍店家和設計師中突出自己,我參加各種不同的比賽,如Mirror Awards 和 NAHA的比賽。有了這些提名和獎項,我獲得了美髮產業和現有客戶的尊重。
To set myself apart from other salons and hairstylists, I compete in a variety of different competitions such as the Mirror Awards and NAHA. With these nominations and awards, I gain respect from both the hairstyling industry and existing clientele.

Whats the highlights of your career so far in abroad?

我職業生涯中最大的亮點,到目前為止,在加拿大,贏得兩個年度大獎- Ontario 年度最佳髮型師和 Mirror Awards 的年度最佳前衛設計師獎。
The biggest highlights of my career so far, in Canada, are winning both Ontario Hairstylist of the Year and Avant Garde Hairstylist of the Year at the Mirror Awards.

Whats your advice for newcomers who also want to live and work abroad as a hairdresser?
My advice for for new hairstylists that want to work abroad is that they need to be passionate. They must have passion for their work, or else perseverance will not come through during the duller times. Secondly, they must enjoy the culture and lifestyle in which they live or else they will not be inspired to work or be motivated to thrive for greater heights.

Whats your next goal for upcoming career?

在我職業生涯的下一個目標是贏得 NAHA 獎 ( 北美最佳髮型師獎 ),這一直是我的目標,自從我在 2007 年開始進入比賽。
The next goal in my career is to win a NAHA award. This has been my goal ever since I started entering competitions in 2007.

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